The hedgehog leaned out of his hole and

Hugs For Hogs

Sweet Hand-Raised Hedgehogs You Can Cuddle


Routes with pet transport couriers already doing pick up. Add on to this trip for a better deal!! Solo trips are also available (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

Routes by Me

I plan to be back on the road!! If local pick up is not an option for you, I will be offering door to door transportation at $50-$100 for those needing transportation. Space will be limited and I likely will only be able to take 5 beans.

  1. Abby S. (CO)

  2. Casey U. (OR)

  3. …​


Anything in Texas inquire!

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Estimates from my licensed courier! 

$125-$175+ - States outlying Texas

$225-$275+ - lower states Arizona to Florida

$275-$325+ - Northwest, Northeast US (ex. Oregon, Washington, Maine, New England area)

​$400-$600+ - international/Alaska

Reach out to get a quote on your own unique needs! 


My hedgehogs are raised where both the human and the hog should have a wonder enriching exchange from the time spent together. I believe when both hog and human are able to successfully coexist and enjoy each others presence, things like neglect, abandonment and rehomes are less likely to happen.

I don't just make sales, I try to match potential hog parents with babies that will really thrive under their care and babies that will be well suited for the families they are placed with. 

I am more interested in making an excellent match than a quick sale, the early bird might get the worm, but we are not birds and I'd rather be the person who got a great hog because I was patient and I waited for one who would be a good match (:


Visit my hog blog on Instagram or scroll below to see how the beans are brought up here at home in a stress-free environment.