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Hedge on the Road! (Transportation)

For those who think a long distance relationship would be prickly

I built my pride and reputation on going above and beyond for my clients and chicken wings! 

Whether I am the one who is bring you your baby via an epic road trip or it is one of my trusted couriers who lend me a hand when I cannot do the long distance drop offs myself, I make sure you and your new baby will be getting the highest quality fare for the fairest price. 

Here are some common routes we run. Based on distance, seasons, weather conditions (natural disasters), gas prices, the actual courier themselves and many other factors, the prices will vary as there are many variables that can affect the prices but I always work with all my resources to find the best option for you.

In the past, I have been lucky enough to win bids for as low as $80 though some clients do not mind and have had their babies brought to them for over $700. Each hog parent is unique and I am here to help you have as stress-free of a process as possible.


When I can have more than one client on a route headed out I the same direction, I can can usually work towards a negotiation for a more economical price for all hog parents wanting to share that route. There are many ways this can work out, you can have the standard with is the home drop off at your front door, but sometimes, if if is possible, you can coordinate a  more convenient location for a lower price. Another way to save is by sharing the trip, so If you know someone else interested, transporting together I can work to for a lower price. 

These are just examples of situations that have worked well in the past. I have had many difference scenarios work out for me. I as someone who has had my babies transported to me ( I am constantly bring in new beans to ensure for a healthy and genetically diverse genepool) and as someone who will often do the home drop offs myself, schedule permitting. Lastly, as the person here behind the scenes making sure everyhog gets to their right forever home in one piece, not a quill out of place.

Screenshot (92).png

Southeast - Northeast

  • ...

Screenshot (88).png

Outer Perimeter

  • ...

Screenshot (90).png

Midwest - PNW

  1. Vancouver, Washington 

Screenshot (84).png

Southeast - PNW - Midwest

  1. ...

Communication is the key to any smooth operation and these routes are not set in stone. The couriers I work with are extremely flexible and are able to accommodate reasonable deviations. As I stated, routes are always being run so they might be something doable right around the corner!

If you are interested in one of these cuties or someone from the hog blog has caught your eye, why not reach out to see what your options are about getting you the pineapple of your eye!

Transportation: Team
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