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Available Babies!!

Contact me to reserve your ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡ Summertime Baby ₍₍ ◝( ゚∀ ゚ )◟ ⁾⁾  today!

Hoglets (baby hedgehogs) will come when the hog-mums say so. If mum is not ready or the mating does not result in a pregnancy, I give her some time and try again when she is ready.

I never pressure or rush my girls or boys! This does mean I have a lot of moments where I think I am getting babies but in actuality, hog-mum just got a bit chubby and tricked me lol into thinking she had buns in the oven! 

They are my babies, my children, my family, not "breeding stock" and they have complete agency over themselves. I am just lucky enough to be there for the ride (:

With all of that being said, just because these due date are there, does not mean there will be hoglets being born on those days.

Taking all of that into consideration, please bear with us! We are all doing our hedging best!


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Since day one, my genuine love and passion for my chicken wings and their health and happiness has defined who I am and what I do!!

My dedication to the overall hedgie experience is reflected through the actual hedgehog's themselves. It comes from a rigorous process of carefully selection and sorting to make sure your foray into hedgie parenthood is enjoyable and satisfactory. Get in touch to learn more about what possible "trades, discounts, and deals" you can get as a reward for being nice and for being you!!!

Everyone deserves a chance to ge


  • Good grades!! (A's, B's, and even C's get degrees lol)

  • Paper towel rolls are always in hot demand here (:

  • Trinkets and knick-knacks

  • etc


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