DOB: 10 /13/2020 
Ready: NOW! 
Sex: Gorl (Female)
Colour: Algerian Grey

Azuki loves chaos it seems!!! She destroyed the set ran around and I'm pretty sure I caught her trying to eat the little fake flower pieces. Well I caught her sister trying to eat the fake flower pieces as well, but I'm pretty sure she also tried to eat some of my nails as well lol

She can also be calm and relaxed I have to get her to be more awake and alive at first before she started being rambunctious lol If you can see the pictures of her being really sleepy and splootting.

She loves to borrow and loves to be stimulated so a dig box would definitely be advised if you are looking to add this wild card to your deck ;-) ;-) wink


  • I urge you to look through the policy and care pages before purchasing. I am not popular and my little corner of the web is as stated, little and dusty, so I promise you that no one will come in and buy the hedgie you wanted while you were being smart and responsible and were reading up.


    Some things to touch on, colors are not guaranteed as these spikey fellas change all the time! Even my adults I’ve had for years gain and lose spots all the time. Usually nothing drastic happens but they do grow and change with time just like every living creature (:


    If you plan on paying with cash, contact me (:

(832) 308-8022

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