DOB: 5/8/2021
Ready: 7/13/2021!
Sex: Boi (Male)
Colour: Brown Reverse Pinto
He takes after his father in that he is an absolute stunner!! He is quite the strapping young lad and I absolutely do say so myself! He has beautiful golden whiskers that shine in the light! His personality is top teir as well (: He's a smooth criminal, his crime? He's too good for us all!

Lucy F. 


  • I urge you to look through the policy and care pages before purchasing. I am not popular and my little corner of the web is as stated, little and dusty, so I promise you that no one will come in and buy the hedgie you wanted while you were being smart and responsible and were reading up.


    Some things to touch on, colors are not guaranteed as these spikey fellas change all the time! Even my adults I’ve had for years gain and lose spots all the time. Usually nothing drastic happens but they do grow and change with time just like every living creature (: