If you're worried about what to feed your chicken wing, look no further. This blend has been something perfected over the course of years. 


It includes a combination of several high quality kibble with little to no additives, fresh mealworm shed (chitin!), freeze dried crickets, mealworms, and black soldier larvae. I also fortify the blend with specially selected vitamins, nutrients, probiotics and prebiotics, and other healthy fortifiers to boost, maintain, and support overall health and wellness.


Premium Proteins 
No Red Meat


Gut Health
Loose Stools
Poor Appetite
Weight Management
Immune Support
Urinary Health


Crude Protein  36.25%
Crude Fat  14.875%
Crude Fiber  5.375%
Moisture  10%

*Allow 3-5 days for processing, everything is mixed fresh per order. If you need a helping on the fly, send me a message (:

'Holistic Hedgie' Hedgehog Food